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I like to fly around many different places in the world, however I need to figure out a way to resolve this problem:  I have my Rendering settings tweaked great for a good balance between great graphics and frame rates in places I typically fly like Germany.  However, these same settings (very high) obviously do not work as well in places like New York or Paris because the scenery is so much more dense and complex (especially custom add-on scenery) that it overwhelms the CPU and GPU and frame rates drops by an extreme number, even down from 35-50 FPS in Germany to 10-15 FPS in New York and Paris.  What I need is a way to save rendering settings for each location that I am flying in.  For example, if I'm going to fly a helicopter in Germany, I can load optimal rendering settings for Germany so I can have quality and performance.  Likewise, if I'm going to fly in NY or Paris, I need to load optimal rendering settings for that complex area.  How can I do this?  Is there a way to copy or rename different preference files so that I can make rendering "presets" or "profiles" depending on which area I'm going to be flying in that session?  PLEASE don't tell me that I have to manually adjust the rendering settings each time I fly in a sparse location or a more dense, complex location.  


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This solution may be a hack, but it's what I use: separate preferences folders. You could probably more granular and have separate X-Plane.prf files instead of the entire folder if you'd like. I don't believe there is a way to have separate preferences and switch between them in-sim though, so you'll have to restart any time you want to switch preferences.

What I would do to set this up is:

Set up your ren opts the way you want them in location A

Quit & it will save them automatically in Output/preferences

Rename the entire folder (or file), such as Location_A_preferences

Start X-Plane and go to the next location, set up your ren opts how you want them there

Quit & rename the pref folder again

When you want to use Location A preferences, you'll have to put the folder name back to the default (i.e. change Location_A_preferences to preferences)
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That's very interesting. While it is a hack and I will have to restart, this is enormously helpful.  Thank you for this excellent help.