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Hi, Ive recently been having issues with X Plane 11 running out of memory on my system. I should easily have enough(16GB DDR4), my processor is an i5 6600K stock clock, and I have a MSI R9 390X GPU. Running windows 10, recently found out my SSD that my OS and X Plane are on is starting to fail, could this cause the issue? like I said its only with X Plane. Anything else game or sim wise that I play does not have this issue. I also occasionally have random restarts happen while running the sim but not sure if its the same issue. Ive already run tests to check if my ram or cpu is failing, both are brand new and are 100% good still after running the tests. Any other ideas?

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My understanding is that computer restarts with X-Plane isn't us - an app can't restart the machine with out the graphics card or hardware failing.

Our best guess in these situations is that the power supply isn't set up to handle the load from all hardware running at once and we're the first app to make the GPU draw a lot of amps.