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I have just bought the game and it crashes if there are any joystick plugged.

In the first time that I started the game it began calibrating normally. One of the buttons remained red so I clicked to ignore that button and ok, the joystick was calibrated. However, it doesn't work at all. Nothing.

The same joystick was working fine in the demo version just 10 min before.

Anyway, now It detects that there is still a joystick that needs to be calibrated. So if you click to calibrate it crashes. If you enter the game and goes to settings it crashes too.

Any tips?


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Can you be more specific and precise about your steps to see this issue? You don't mention at what point in the process you unplug the joystick. Please list each step you take, each button you press, etc.
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I would try moving the preferences folder and running the SIM again.