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I bought X-Plane 11 via Steam and have a problem with streaming it to the Steam Link. I can start and play x-plane just fine on my computer, but when I try to stream it to the Steam Link I only see a black screen with the mouse curser. (The interface shows up on the screen connected to the computer).

I already tried all kinds of combinations of activating/deactivating HW accellerated frame capturing and encoding in the steam options. Steam, X-Plane, Windows and my graphic card driver (Nvidia) are up-to-date.

I use the Steam Link with many other games and never had an issue like this.

Has anyone run into this problem and maybe knows how to fix it?

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I had the same issue as you today - until I had an ingenious idea that actaully works. And it's too simple - download and install Reshade from the X-Plane 11 forums. I discovered that by enabling the Steam overlay, the Steam Link recognises X-Plane 11 as a running game, and thus shows it in Steam Link.

Only issue I have now is that none of my joysticks or whatever are supported. Only workaround is to plug my hardware directly into my PC and not into Steam Link's USB ports.

Hope this works!
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I installed reshade and it works, thanks a lot!

I use VirtualHere to connect my yoke and pedals to the Steam Link. It tunnels USB devices over the network to the PC as if they were plugged in directly and works like a charm.
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I do not have the device to test this out. Try the Steam Link FAQs for troubleshooting, and if it continues to happen, you can file a bug for X-Plane here.

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The same problem occurs when streaming to another PC with Steams in home streaming feature. I have read the FAQ and troubleshooting guide and help forums and tried workarounds for similar problems like using windowed mode, but nothing works.