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Everyone and their grand daughters have been talking about an update for xplane, I don't understand whether or not the game would be updated directly through steam or not but I would like to have an answer, at this point i'm just trying to cram words in just to pass the 100 character threshold.

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Betas are available on Steam once they reach the "release candidate" stage and are found to be stable for a day or so. It takes additional time to prepare them for Steam so we want to make sure they aren't broken or going to be replaced right away.

X-Plane 11.01r2 was just released yesterday so assuming no major issues are found soon it will probably be available on Steam this week. In order to get betas, you’ll need to go to the “properties” of X-Plane (in the steam client) and opt in to betas. Otherwise there will be an automatic update once the version is "final."
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Thanks mate!