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The f-4 will not lift off the ground until almost 200 knots are reached. I don't believe this is right. By the time the grear comes up the flaps are ripped off.
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Indeed, speeds do not seem to be very accurate on this F-4. Short test today at EHAM with X-plane 11.01b1

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Takeoff Safety Speed for F-4 is about 150 kts. You can read more here.

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I suspect XP flight characteristics for F-4s not very true -- try the following (from aircrew data cards):

Takeoff and landing speeds are mostly gross weight dependent

TO: clean gross ~42000# up to max 57000#

Landing: gross ~35000# up to ~45000#

For takeoff, half flaps, full AB power and full stick back, nose gear lift off (130-150kts), assume ~12deg pitch, mains lift off (160-180kts), gear &flaps up, maintain ~12deg until 350kts for climbout

For landing, reduce speed <250kts gear down, <220kts full flaps, approach ~140-160kts (calc: 130kts+2kts*each 1000# fuel/stores), maintain 19.2 AOA (green donut), no flare touchdown, power idle, drag chute deploy (decreases roll out ~1000ft), park, debrief, (if Friday) happy hour