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I need help.

We have a terrain with "Runways follow terrain" (pic 1).

And have a  terrain without "Runways follow terrain" (pic 2). Where should I change the values to reduce the smoothing area? I want to make it closer.

Thank you.

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To make the runway less bumpy, you'll need to uncheck the option for runway follows terrain (like in image 2). If this option flattens too much of the scenery, you could try to adjust it in WED. I believe it is based on the airport boundary set in WED.

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All is done. Was a problem with mesh (I think).

In WED always flatten (x), have a mesh Ortho4XP and w2xp. Today I run XP11 with "Runways follow terrain"-on and "Runways follow terrain"-off, but nothing changed.

1) I cut all Ortho4XP and w2xp mesh, in WED save scenery with always flatten-off, run XP11 (Runways follow terrain set on), close XP11.

 2) Paste Ortho4XP and w2xp mesh, run XP11 and... all is done!

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