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Hello all I was wondering if there's a way to edit my scenery files to fit to the terrain in x-plane 11.  I noticed there's no contour to terrain button in xp11 as there was in xp10.  I can't wait to hear an answer back soon!


Sam Unsworth

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Hi, you can use WED to edit airports :

The manual is available on the same "scenery gateway" website. Do not hesitate to upload your corrections on the scenery gateway in order to improve it.
Also, if you want to use a satellite image as a pattern, you might require Wedbing :

There are also many tutorials on youtube.

All the best to you :)
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To get you started faster, follow these simple steps :
-in wed, create a new project and open it
-file, upload from the gateway... follow the steps
-launch wedbing and download the associated satellite imagery (zl18 is good to start with)
-open again your project in wed, you will have the satellite packground included
-you are ready to work

About the contour button, i have read they restaured it in pb14 or pb15.. haven't looked for it though, as I do not like to flatten all airports.
There is another option you can activate via WED, if you want to flatten a specific airport. It it sometimes useful if the mesh is bad. You can find the option if you click on the airport name in the airport hiƩrarchie in WED.

PS : note that WED does not allow to modify the mesh. If you want to touch that, one option is to use a combination of JOSM, Ortho4XP, and you will have to work on a whole tile on 1 by 1 degree of latitude/longitude. Again, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube.