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Hi there,

I`ve just moved from FSX to XP-11, and I have noticed a huge difference in many aspects, all advantages, of course.

I normally use the Saitek Yoke without rudders. In FSX the option "Automatic rudder" is available to set up, however in XP11 I miss this option. Even when flying, I notice that there is a lack of stability while turning.

Is there any alternative or  specific configuration to set up the "automatic rudder"?

Thanks in advance
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I am also using Saitek Yoke System and Saitek Cessna rudder controllers.  From another post I gather that automatic rudder is supposed to be "automatically" disabled if the sim detects rudder pedals are attached.  As of at least XP11 R1.05 (and earlier), this auto detection does not appear to be reliable, at least not with my Saitek equipment and Windows 10 on a rig that does not have "legacy" USB ports, i.e. a motherboard with a Z170 chipset.  

IT WOULD BE MUCH BETTER (IMHO) if XP11 were to allow the user to manually (in Settings) disable automatic rudder turn coordination.  If this capability actually exists somewhere, it isn't documented.  Sheesh.

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X-Plane does have some automatic rudder assistance if you are not using pedals or assigning it to an axis. This feature is very controversial though! It seems like any time it is adjusted some folks are unhappy.