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Even when the joystick sensitivity is set to a minimum for maximum stability?

How do you damper the joystick controls so the helicopter is flyable?

Thanks !
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I guess it is like in real life, pilots don't move the cyclic to much... When I flew (passenger) on a Schweizer 300 I could barely see pilot's hand movement while on hovering. Mostly he did trim adjustments. When we reached cruise speed, he let me handle it and movement of the cyclic were a bit (just a bit) longer.

I personally fly helicopters (here in the SIM) with 0% of augmented stability.

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Your axis is probably assigned to throttle. The collective is reversed. Before you load an helicopter, jam you axis forward. Alternatively, is you fly mostly helos and don't like the reversed direction of the axis, you can assign it to "collective".
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That was the next thing I was about to say... but I'd just enable DATA OUTPUTs mentioned up, and create a new flight (started cold and dark). There he could check inputs, so he could see what the sim is reading.
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Bingo !

I just had to reverse the throttle/collective and everything is fine now.  I just have tomdo that If want to fly the helo.

Thanks to both of you, ice_pdb and Pascal_LSGC.  You have made my day !

Cheers !
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Glad that it works for you now! Helos are hard to pilot but give a lot of satisfactions.

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Thanks for your answer.

But, as I said, I barely touch the controls (joystick) and the helo responds extremely to a small input.  So much so, that when I use the collective to take off, it is impossible to make a landing afterwards. The helo just goes up and up.

Same thing for the cyclic. An extremely small input on the stick makes the bird bouncing all around, out of control. The thing is just unflyable.  

The joystick sensitivity is adjusted foe Max stability.

What puzzles me is that the planes, however, are flown easily, with the same sensivity settings.

Strange !
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mmmm, seems that controls aren't calibrated correctly. You can always try to move your preferences folder and save it some other place, run the sim, recalibrate controls, and try... if they are the same you can switch back to your previous pref folder.
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Other thing you can try is to make visible some DATA OUTPUT at the cockpit, I'd say : numbers: 8, 9 ,13,14 and 17. and check what is the SIM actually seeing.
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Thanks again. I'll try that.
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Your welcome! :) I'm on my day off, so, basically I have all day. :D
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Hi again,

I just tried with a new preference folder, but the Helo is not flyable. The collective only makes the bird go one way; UP.

Darn !
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How about DATA OUTPUT "data"? Could you see what's the SIM reading?
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Hey, you are so kind to take time trying to resolve this with me.

But for now, I have to suspend my flight till the end of this afternoon.

I'll try your suggestion and get back to you, ASAP.

Thanks again !

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Ok. I'll try to help!