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In stright and level flight, the helicopter is rolling at left all the time when the autopilot isn't conected. To correct this attitude, I have to move the joystick to right, (it's normal to have the little corrections), but in my case the cyclic gets the end possition right (the angle roll is more than 30º! if i do nothing, helicopter rolls 90º or more!!) . I tryed to calibrate it (its a new joystik "Saitek x52) and it's rightly calibrated. I've noted that if I move the wheel assigned to "aileron trim" it also corrects the problem. But a real helicopter doesn't behave like this. In other way, i belive there isn't an option to release the trim with autopilot (force trim release) or i can't find it. With this, you can press the button and move the clycic to desired possition and release the button, then the cycle keeps that attitude without need to move the wheel for trim. Thanks for your responses.

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What helicopter?.. did you try viewing joystick input data on screen?
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Hello! thank you very much. Yes, I checked the joystick imput data on a screen, and measures 0.0000 in roll axis when the helicopter are rollin 90º or more. If I try to fly straight and level the roll axis it measures 0.2879 more/less.. It's very unconfortable.. thank you again for your answer!!