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I have Saitek Cessna Rudders Pedals installed in both X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 in the same computer.  The YAW and Brake functions works perfectly in X-Plane 10.  In the X-Plane 11 only the movement of the brake (left and right) work.  The YAW function does not function at all.

What might be the calibration solution to solve this issue?

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Make sure the device has been calibrated and has axes assigned. There is a default configuration for the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals provided with X-Plane, but if your device registers with a different name or ID, this config file will not work for it and you will need to set up all assignments manually.

For additional help, attach a copy of the log.txt and possibly screenshots of the joystick settings screen.
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I have the exact same issue. Does anyone know the workaround or solution?
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Did you get an answer? I have the same issue.