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I m trying out demo xplane 11 but noticed that I cant zoom my 3d cockpit ion or out.

I also cant go to the 2 D cockpit. Before Im going to purchase I would like to know what to do.,

Lowering grafich detail didt solve it.

Im using:

i5-3570 @3.4 (Not overclocked)

Nvidia GTX970 OC 4G  with driver 378.49

8GB Ram

LG 3440x1440

Saitek X52

1xCrucial SSD 500GB

1x Crucial SSD 128GB

1x Crucial SSD 256GB
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Hi, the scroll wheel of the mouse doesn't work to zoom in and out??
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Also note that all aircraft do not have 2D cockpit, especially when the 3D cockpit is very well done.
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I made a small movie with fraps but seems I cant play it so cant show you what I mean.

For now I cant fly so if this isnt to be fixed I wont buy it.
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Unfortuneatly the issues reappeared.

Last night all wnt fine, I could at least fly but this morning I started Xplane and the same flickering started. Shift+numbers do react, I can move around the play outside, the same as before.

Im getting fetup with this, with 10 all went fine all the time and Im glad I just use the demo atm.

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Is it possible to look around with right click or move the seat with the arrow keys? Or is the camera completely fixed? If this is the case you could try to change the view with shift+9.
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It is possible for a half a second and then its fixed again. Lowering seat is possible

None of the Shift+F keyz are responding.
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You switch the camera with shift+number not shift+f-key.
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Yeah sorry bout that, its called frustration.

I have more problems cause last night I did the tutorial buit now I cant due to miussing files???

I also noticed that as soon I connect  y saitekx52 the flickering keyz resonding.
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Seemed to be the joystick drivers. Now its fine.


Quick question: Where is the small trim?
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found it. case closed
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Did you have TrackIr activated ...?