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after 05/09/17 xp11 update all aircraft when on ramp turn to approx 311 degrees when brakes released. This happens regardless of the aircraft heading before releasing brakes. I have recalibrated all my hardware, removed all plugins an still have this problem. Cannot control aircraft when taking off in any other direction until it off the ground. I have tried several default and purchased aircraft and all do the same thing.

Larry Stalnaker
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Hi, even with no wind?
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Thanks for the help everyone wind was the problem. I really blew that one, had my weather set to match local and just assumed that the update would not change it. Pays to pay attention !

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Hi Larry,

I don't see this on my computer. Double check the wind setting as amelingu suggests, then if that doesn't help, reset preferences to default: go to the Output folder & move, rename or delete the entire preferences folder.