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Hello everybody,

I ´ve done some trainig flights in the area of LMPA. When I´ ve landed, and go with the plane via the taxiway to the APRON area, there are a lot of planes where the landing gear is sticking in the ground. Is this a bug or a feature :-))?

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On the gateway, one can see that this airport was updated recently and the latest submission will probably be in X-plane 11.05 only, despite the fact that there is a green check on it. You can still try to download and install this latest update manually :

I will not be able to test it myself in the next week.
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Haha. Maybe it's better to have the default version :D

Do not hesitate to contact XPFR for this, I will give it a try when I can.

Are you training as an airline pilot?
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I ´ve pointed a comment at

to Your question, no I am just fly with simulators for my own fun. But as a former C-VFR Pilot, who was trained by a professional instructor. I am still very interesting of navigation, ILS approaches and challanges at airfields like LPMA, Kai Tak, St. Maarten. using B747 (FSX) or B737-800 (XPlane 11).
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It it's true LPMA is an interesting approach! I'll send a link to this topic via XPFR website too, they will receive it faster I think.
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Ok, so i got an answer from the authors of this scenery : LPMA apt.dat is not loaded in your case. That has to do with folders alphabetic order in the "custom scenery" folder. It is due to the fact that "global airports" is now placed inside"custom scenery" folder.
So I suggest you follow these 3 steps :
-make sure you deleted the LPMA you downloaded from the gateway
-Rename the XPFR LPMA into Airport_LPMA
-delete "Scenery packs.ini" that is inside the "custom scenery" folder

Then you can restart X-plane 11
If you can confirm it works, I'll write something on
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Good evening Guillaume,

great support, many thanks again. I´ve just run the test. All is working well now. Your informations is very good for my experiency with x-plane. The scenery is under my top ten now.


All best regards,



P. S. Look for EDVY, this area is good for flying with small planes