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I am "flying" the standard aircraft that come with XP11 - principally the B737-800, Baron B58, and the Cessna Skyhawk.  I was looking for Pilot manuals for these planes - I found a very nice manual for the Baron B58, but nothing for the other planes.  (The B737-800 does have a FMS manual.)

It would be nice to have basic performance data for the airplanes (stall speed, max speed, etc.) to operate these planes - but it seems none of this is available for the Laminar Research planes.  Where do we find this information? Are there plans to provide this information in the future?  I have found these models to be very nice, but operation of any but the most general features is a guessing game.  

I suspect "real" pilot manuals are available on the internet, but I am interested in the models, which will not completely replicate real world performance.

Any suggestions of where to find this information?


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As you've found, only the default B58 has a POH so far. Eventually we'd like to have them for all the default aircraft but we are limited on time and man power. I am not familiar with any fan created POH for the LR aircraft, but the site might be a good place to check.
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I'll try searching for performance data for the "real" airplanes,  I would like to have basic information about stall speed, max speed, landing speed, maximum gear down speed, etc.

Thanks for the response.  It's what I suspected was the case.