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So, I go on the app then my mouse diappears, I can't get it back unless I go off the app and then I go back to the app and it is still invisible. I only just downloaded this app today :(      Please could someone help me as I would like to get flying as soon as possible.

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it disapear so you dont need to see it for example if youre doing cinematics its not nice to have a mouse in the way but if you moove your mouse it will re apear
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I have similar issue and I have to alt+tab to click on XP11 icon in taskbar to resolve and to actually use clickable 3d cockpit
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how do you get to the clickable 3d cockpit?
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Had the same problem after installing 11.

Got the mouse to work (it just wasn't visible at all) by:

Turn off Display Pointer Trails.

Need to go to Mouse Properties, Pointer Options, uncheck the box Display Pointer Trails.