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I just joined a VA and was having trouble getting my pireps accepted. After some troubleshooting and displaying the fuel quantity in the cockpit view I've discovered that the C172S aircraft is using no fuel. The VA won't accept a pirep if no fuel is used during the flight. I tried the same experiment with the Cirrus jet and that aircraft was using fuel as normal.

Is this some kind of bug, or a setting somewhere in XP11 configs? I have no plugins running except xacars.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Strange.. I have never seen that.

Can you check the fuel flow too? It should be around 10 Gallons per hour

Have you gone throught all these steps? I can't check it right now though.
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Same happens to me with SR-71... it doesn't consume fuel.
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If you are using a second monitor with the Flight Instructor open, it will update your fuel load every few seconds to the settings you started with.  I think this is a bug.  Turn off the second monitor and you will use fuel normally until they fix it.