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Fuel consumption does not occur. In all models, the fuel indicators in the tanks do not change their value. Regardless of the flight phase. During the flight, the system can suddenly add fuel. It's not permanent. Sometimes immediately after loading the simulator, the fuel decreases. But not for long. And now I can fly indefinitely, even if the tanks are empty. WTF
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Hi Mate,

Might just be your sim because mine works fine, I run out of fuel and gauges work fine. Could be an addon causing this or could just be something to do with your sim.


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If you are having AI fly your aircraft, this is to be expected. Fuel consumption is turned off for AI. Otherwise, check for add ons that could be causing this.
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Hi!  AI is not using. I remove all plugins, but it's not solve the problem.

BUT!!! I've multimonitor system, and on my second screen I set  Instructor Operator Station (IOS). I use it for operative change weather in critical situations. For the experiment I switch off IOS. And now fuel consumption IS WORKING!!! Tell me WTF! I want  to use IOS, but can't.sad

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This was a known bug. The flight model is stopped if you are using the IOS with no other 3d monitor available on the primary computer. A fix was included in X-Plane 11.20vr4.