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It's about X-Plane 11.
I have a problem with the Boeing 747-400.
On the left side of the cockpit (captain side) the glideslope marker disappeared every time after takeoff
whenever I press the L-Nav button and will not come back even I switch off L-Nav button again.
On the right side (Co-Pilot side) the glideslope marker works well and doesn't disappear.
But I want to fligh the 747 on the left side (captains side).
The final approach is more difficult for me without the glideslope marker on the left side.
Please help me or give me a hint.
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Indeed, same problem here; tested at LFBM.
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I also found many strange behaviours of the autopilot, which look like bugs, but I am too lazy to describe them precisely. It is mainly with the autothrottle :
-flight level change engages full throttle to descend, so we have to pull the lever backwards.
-speed selection knob inoperative in flight (the speed seems to be locked)
-unable to intercept localizer
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I hope this bugs will be removed soon by updates
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Could you file a bug report here ? I do not have so much time right now unfortunately :

I haven't seen these issues listed in the known bugs so far.

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I was able to confirm the issue with the purple diamond disappearing so it has been filed in the official bug base.
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Thank you, I'll inquire later on the rest of the autopilot.

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