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747-400 X-Plane 11 will be finished, I have sent several bug reports on problems since beta program start, but I do not see any improvements.
747-400 will have the same level of 737-800 and MD 80 native XP-11?

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If you have submitted bug reports and still see the issue, it could be that the bug report could not be verified to be an actual bug. In general, bug reports need to prove that X-Plane's behavior is different from real world behavior, and there was no user error involved. That often requires real world experience or reference to published documents like a POH. The report should also include specific steps to produce it, with as little superfluous information as possible.  Here is more advice for writing a bug report that can be used by LR's developers.

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Thanks for your help, but I've read the way to send a good quality report bug with enlightening data.
When I refer to the 747-400 being completed I say something missing, YOKE, it does not exist and I have not found a clickable zone so that it appears or not, but this does not stop 747 from flying.
We have a clock on the 747-400 panel that when we use the timer to mark elapsed time, well, at every turn of the pointer it spends 120 seconds or more, it's not hard to see, and it's also not a superfluous item in some Procedures we have to set minutes.
The last problem is more complicated, when you use autotrothle, the system controls the speed, through key you can increase or decrease speed, well, autotrotlhe off is impossible, the SPD button turns on but does not turn off autotrothle.
This has already been sent in bug report, with image, and description, before Christmas 2016.

João Alfredo

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