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I keep getting these black dots all over the scenery and these green boxes around my buttons and switches in every plane I fly is there a fix to this I have an INVIDIA GeForce GTX 750. Can someone please help me figure this out? The link here is a screen shot of what I am seeing... http://prntscr.com/f9h5hj
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I'm not so sure if the green boxes are a related problem..

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green boxes is because you turned on in settings your clickable cockpit spots
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I had exactly the same problem. The dots show in any aircraft, any location.
My computer is Windows 10, Intel i7, Invidia GTX650.
My version of X-Plane was originally Beta, updated several times, and the last update gave me those black dots in the distance.

So I deleted X-Plane (all of it, everything) and downloaded a total fresh copy.
That fixed the dots, and it seemed to clear up some other issues I couldn't figure out.

It works!

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