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Every time I start X Plane 11, an Alert Box pops up that says:

Wrong IP Address:

No NIC with this address found!

Then I click the OK button and X plane 11 starts.

This seems to have started occurring after I installed vFlyteAir_CirrusSR20_v2.6. After I hit the OK button, X Plane 11 appears to work fine.

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Sounds like you have a plugin XPUIPC installed. Go to the XPUIPC folder in the plugins directory of X-Plane and edit file XPUIPC.ini in a text editor. Change the address to the actual local IP address of your PC. If your PC has a DHCP dynamic IP address, then you may have to edit this file every time the PC gets assigned a new IP address.

Restart X-Plane and the problem should be gone.
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Problem solved. Thanks! I did as you recommended and it worked perfectly. Also worked after rebooting so appears to be no dynamic IP address and no need to edit the file.
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Hi! Would you please send in your full log file?

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