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Hi jroberts or whoever

Those 3 points you mentioned In my earlier post didn't seem to do anything 

here is a screenshot of whats happening Download links and more photos are at bottom of page

Pay close attention to the bottom left corner of the image where these small black box like pixels/dots lurk around. Those cockpit shots at the links down below are some of the most weird glitches I have seen yet. My graphics driver is fully updated and I installed a second copy but the problem remains. Has anyone experienced this before? 

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

I've replaced my cpu cooler, my graphics card, my psu, and added more RAM, I really don't want to purchase another part, though I might have to. The problem now can only be my monitor though the pixels only happen with x plane, my motherboard, or my hard drive

UPDATE=I uninstalled mister x klax scenery and installed Ted's lax scenery the problem went away. I am not getting ground flickering but I am still getting cockpit pixel like black objects in the overhead panel



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Hi Rishi Shah,

One last thing to try I saw on a the .org forum is turning off per pixel lighting. 

Otherwise, it sounds like this may be a graphics bug. If you can still recreate this with any default plane, please file a bug report on this page. Include your log.txt (found in your main X-Plane folder), some of your screenshots, and a picture of your rendering settings. 

If you have the time to try to find out what (if any) rendering settings make it go away/come back/or make it worse, that info would be helpful for our developers as well.

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Thanks for all your help. I will try those points to see if my problem goes away. If not, I will file a bug report.


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Even though I haven't checked it yet, considering that it happened with my Nivida GTX 760 2gb vram and my new 970, I suspect it could be a major virus in my system as well. I might as well reinstall everything if your points or Laminar's team can't solve it.

Thanks though
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Yes it is a graphics bug

I will send a bug report