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I just purchased X-Plane 11(download version) a few days ago. When I opened the 172 the GNS 430 was not working and when I opened the Boeing 737 the MFD's were not working. What would be causing this and what is the fix?



Matt B.

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When you say "Not working", could you be more specific?  "not working" as in "not getting any power"?  Please provide more details.
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Yes, I assume not getting power. Started in the "run' mod so everything should've been powered on. Avionics master is on as well as every other switch. Is there a dimmer switch on the 430 that im missing? maybe its something as simple as turning brightness up, but I doubt it. I removed x-plane 10 off of my pc after I installed x-plane 11, but wouldn't think that's causing an issue either?
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Try running the installer again.  You can find it here.  If it asks to overwrite files, let it overwrite them.