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i've just installed XP11 (dvd) with all regions sceneries. In some (not all) of europeans airports, terminals are missing. i can see runways and taxiways but no terminals. what the matter ?

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Yes I have the same problem in western Canada. The more important and popular airports are detailed and accurate. In fact when I land in Calgary, Ground Control tells me to taxi and park where the Executive Air Centre is. At Springbank, GC has me park in front of the cafe. Somebody knows this place!
But a lot of other fields, out in the rural boonies, show runway only, no hangars, no correct roads, just prairies and trees. One real grass strip, beside a real farmhouse, in XP is modeled in the next field over, with fabulous night-lighting that I can see from the next county over. I say "thanks".

It might be fun to drive out to the real fields around here and update the XP scenery.
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hi dan2see

Here's all we have to know ;-)
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Wow that's a clever picture of our world.
So, next time I plan a complicated cross-country epic, I'll pick the good ones from this map.

Thanks zhapata.

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Buildings and other 3D objects are usually placed on airports by individuals via the X-Plane Gateway.  You can create your own scenery through the Laminar Program World Editor and Developer (WED).  You can also request 3D packages for specific airports via various chat groups and forums.  A link to WED is attached.
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ok Thank you !

It means that only some airports are developped with terminals, all others get only runways and taxiways.

Please do you know where i could find the list of developped airports ?
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The gateway site at the link I posted lists all APPROVED airports.  Of course, there are freeware and payware packages at various sites.
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thanks ! i'm new on XP...