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‚Äč  Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone can help me fix this problem everytime I load up X-Plane 10 getting ready to fly my brand new Q400 This message pops up "BE ADVISED Too Large Texture I can't load this! Then it says Aircraft/General Avitaion/FJS_Q400/objects/_PanelTrans.png"

Then another message puts up same thing 

but it says "Avitaion/FJS_Q400/Objects/_PanelTrans_LIT.png"

Someone please help me this has been 

Driving me nuts! Thanks


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It sounds like something is wrong with a texture. Have you been able to fly the plane before or have you seen this message every time you've tried to use it? I do not have a copy of this plane to troubleshoot, so I recommend you contact the designer or store you purchased it from for help.