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Dear Sir or Madam,

I wrongly entered my e-mail address when I registered my new X-Plane 11 a couple of days ago !

I think I wrote [email protected] or something like that, which is wrong !

My correct e-mail address is : [email protected]

Could you please correct it or give me the opportunity to modify it ?

So I would be informed of the new updates of your product.

Thank you in advance

Very best regards

Jacky Sneessens
06 74 57 16 95

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Hi Jacky,

We can definitely get this changed for you. Did you enter it wrong when you checked out on our store, or when you signed up for an email course or newsletter? I want to make sure you got your receipt for your purchase if you entered it wrong at check out.
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I checked your address in our email newsletter database, and it looks like we have [email protected] , so I think you're good on that front at least!