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Hi Tech Team,

I have trouble in Installing X Plane 11 . Getting Error while installing Disc 3 . Could you please help me to install the software ASAP. Thank you

Nepolean Arumugam

[email protected]

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If the error is only happening with disc 3 so far, I would recommend you do an install with little to no scenery to get flying while we investigate the disc further. A no scenery install will only use DVD 1 so we can by pass the trouble with DVD 3.

Next, please try a couple tests with the problematic DVD:

1. Can you copy the file 

X-Plane 11/Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/Earth nav data/+20-010/+28-010.dsf

from the DVD to ANY place on your hard drive, like the desktop?

2. Can you copy it FROM the desktop to the final install location?