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last update got the 5:20001 error.....deleted all references to xplane and tried to load from scratch, same error.

other than reformating the drive and starting again, is there a fix for this ?

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Attach a copy of the installer log.txt as it will list the entire error message and have more information.
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Ok...just so you know...i just tried a clean install with a fresh copy of windows 10

Log file is attached.


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Solved....after 3 disk wipes, 2 different operating systems and the same exact error repeatedly, I went back to zero and tried to look back at my system since the first installation months ago.  Little by little, by gradual elimination, the last unknown was my router.  Then I remembered that several weeks prior to the last update, I updated the firmware of the router AND changed the channel from its manual assignment to auto.   Bypassed the router completely and instantly all was well.  Happy days.....again.

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