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i purchased  xplane 11 in version box  and i desir instal xplane 10 to participat at the event  

exemple :

because  xplane 11 is not compatible

my probleme when i try to instal this whith Xplane 10 installer is im not product Key and the CD of xplane 11 is not reconise by installer

i supose is not normaly because the product key of xplane 11 is ok to xplane 10

and the box is more expensive at the digital version


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Hi boulete,

As you realise, X-Plane 10 is totally different to X-Plane 11.  The difference being the same separation as "chalk and cheese" 

The only option I see you have is to acquire a X-Plane 10 version from Laminar Research at

Hope this helps.


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Sorry.  They are different products.  The keys cannot be interchanged on the DVD versions