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Hi there, I have XPlane 10 on DVD version, no serial

After updating I'm being asked for serial, even when Disc one is in drive

I've tried everything, clearing cache, rebooting iMac, all the known buggy things

Disc one is in drive, the disc is as new, I'm a careful person with my items, no surface marks

So it's not the disc, and I've run bench in my drive it's normal, I blame it on the update, I've not been on for a while

I have a lung disease, so being disabled, XPlane is a great relaxing hobbie, so disc is in drive and it's asking for serial as though there's no disc in drive, I'm getting quite frustrated with a no quick resolve, it's been several month now after asking same question, I enjoy this simulator and it's not my fault I'm being locked out, the discs are always in there wallet, I look after my discs. Please can someone from XPlane laminar give me an instant fix, I've been told I can buy a pen drive, but why should I have to pay for your software bug...

Please can you email [email protected] as I'm not always on computer I suffer a chronic pain condition 24hrs in pain, some days worse than others, but I do catch my emails daily, it would be a great help if that's possible, I'm not looking for answers I've heard before, I want access to the software I purchased, I have copy of purchase order, I'll try posting in here in case you need verification of my purchase.

Hi, i have plane 10 DVD and recently after an upgrade i was locked out of the sim, its asking for the code, which i never had a code, and there is none on the disc

I’ve emailed weeks ago and got know where, I’m getting quite frustrated now, can you simply get me access to my simulator, Disc one is in the drive and it still won’t let me in, i have a 27 iMac, the drive is perfect and so is the disc

so I’ve tried that, i normally have the disc in drive.


many thanks Peter holt


here is a copy of my order


Thank you for your recent order. Below is your confirmation that we received your order. Please
review the information below and notify us immediately if you have any questions.
X-Plane.Org Software Store & More![email protected]
IMPORTANT: YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO THE STORE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES. Your download files will be available upon receipt of payment at:

Bill To:Ship to:
Peter HoltPeter Holt
3 Edwards Terrace3 Edwards Terrace Main Road, Ffynnongroyw
Flintshire FLINTSHIRE CH8 9STFlintshire CH8 9ST
[email protected]
Order Date: 11/25/12 
Payment By: Visa 
1 X-Plane 10 + Global Scenery XP10 @ $69.99 = $69.99
1 Urban Maxx Extreme v2 3D JSpahn-UME-v2 (Urban Maxx Extreme for v10) @ $7.95 = $7.95
Shipping: $12.95
Invoice Total: $90.89
Store Credit: -$0.00
TOTAL DUE: $90.89

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Hi Peter,

I'm really not trying to be facetious, but please double check that you have DVD 1 in the drive. If you accidentally have a different one in, it won't work to unlock the sim.  Please try starting X-Plane and then inserting DVD 1 again when it asks for your product key. Make sure you give it a minute to spin up and be recognized by your computer and X-Plane.

Does your computer see the disc, even if X-Plane doesn't? If not, it could be a problem with the disc. We do sell replacements of single DVDs for a few dollars if you need to just replace disc one. It would be a lot cheaper than a USB key or buying a digital download code. Please contact [email protected] to get the link to purchase replacement discs.

One final note: since you called it a serial, I'm wondering if it's an issue with a third party plane. Some payware aircraft require you to authenticate your purchase. What plane are you using when you start X-Plane and see this issue? Providing a copy of your log.txt from one of these times would be helpful as well.
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I am having the same problem. My disk is inserted and it is NOT damaged. The demo sometimes would come up and even after checking "do I want in demo mode" -yes-  it would run in regular mode. Then sometimes it would start without the demo box showing. Now the demo box is showing up and it will only launch in demo mode now. Please provide solution. Thank you. This has been happening for some time now but now it wont let me in other than demo mode.

Thanks Rob.
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Hi Rob

I sent you a private message to handle the issue.