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I see lots of other  people thatn have been screwed also. So I am just one more, I did call on the phone ,wasted time taking to some drerry person who said her name was Joyce. Said she did not know ANYTHING. She was right about that. You guys do not get it. I am the results , get it.


Paul Dean Levasseur

c/o Us Postal Service , fbi computer crimes div.

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there is no key you just run the program with disk 1 in a cd/dvd drive and you are good to go
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I am doing that, and it doesn´t work
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mine dose not work so wot is going on.
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I only get Demo all the time and always ask for Key???
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X-Plane 10 comes in two separate versions: on DVD or via Digital Download. You select which one you want to purchase and it does not include the other one. It sounds like you purchased the DVD when you wanted the digital download. If you purchased it through the store on, please contact [email protected] to inquire about an exchange.
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How do I get the key for full version?? Does not make sense?? Nothing in with the 2 CD"s???
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The full version of the sim is unlocked by inserting disc 1 at any time if you own a DVD set (either global or regional). If you purchased the digital download version from, you should have received a confirmation email with your product key.