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looked at all the answers, this is silly, i cannot pan around the cockpit with my hat switch, 101 flight sim since 85!. wtf!, I have x plane 10 i stepped up for 11 hoping for improvements and I cannot get past the stupid hat switch to pan, not the most complicated part of flight sim, someone even posted "edit to fast. :there isnt one: under the "hat switch" config. why oh why are you trying to re invent the wheel?, ever heard of KISS, keep it simple. going back to fsx until p3d releases their 64 bit. disappointed guys, sending this back for a refund

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We would not leave this out.   You can set your joystick buttons to pan left, right, up, or down.  There is nothing specifically labeled "hat switch"   Maybe that's why you could not find it.
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So where is it in Plane Maker. The Chipmunk DHC-1 jumps left and right 45 degrees instead of a continuous pan. It pans down in the cockpit fine. I can't look up any higher than what was created as a default somewhere in Plane Maker. The arrow up on the keyboard is limited by some default also. The joystick works fine in two other planes that are official X-Plane designs. However, all planes are designed in X-Plane's Plane Maker so it should be possible to edit all planes whether they're freeware or paid for.