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I recently upgraded my gpu and attempted to run the sim in a triple monitor setup. I have three 24" | 1920x1080p | 60hz. When running a single monitor I get around 40-50 fps, however, with three, I get 18-20fps. I expected a dip in performance, but not to these levels. I have my settings at mostly high and anti-aliasing at 4x SSAA. My world objects and reflections are at minimum, but it still seems like my CPU times are the issue. My specs are as followed.


i5 - 4460

gtx 1060 6gb sc

16 gb ram

OS: Sierra OS X


Is this an optimization issue with X-plane, or is my CPU not strong enough for three monitors? I have seen posts with similar issues and answers saying that this could get better with future updates, hoping that's true for me as well!


Thanks in advance

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I just built a new computer so as X-Plane 11 would work to my satisfaction.  I also running 3 - 24" monitors and I'm getting 39 fps on the ground at major airports, 50 fps and higher depending on my altitude when flying.  This is with everything turned up to maximum.  Here's my specs:


i7 - 770K

gtx 1080 Ti

32 gb ddr4 ram

windows 10 x64


Now if you look at the specs posted for x-plane, you'll see that at least a gtx 1070 video card is recommended.  Also personally I would up your cpu to a i7.
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Xplane is a joke for FPS.

For me  30 FPS with i76700k and NVIDIA 1080.

GPU is 50% and CPU is 20% !!!!!

I have downclocked my cpu from 4.5 GHz to 3 GHZ and FPS stay at 30 FPS.

Same for the GPU, downclocked and still 30FPS.

Xplane don't use the CPU and GPU as well.

So it's not necessary to buy good hardware.

I hope it will change because Xplane is very good.
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Hey rinalduzzi

I have a i7 7700k 4.2GHZ


Radeon Pro Duo card and want to run x3 1080p monitors but am struggling in the low 20s with medium settings. Do you think I need a ti as oppose to the ProDuo? It's a pretty solid card and what I was recommended from a flight sim business dude.