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Afternoon everyone,

I'm new to X plane having come across from FSX, but I'm currently unable to do anything in the sim as the setup is proving quite complicated and unfriendly. I have followed videos and guides on how to tweak graphics setting to try and get FPS around 30 or so, but even at the lowest levels of setting are only just obtaining that value. Please can someone take a quick look at my PC config below and make a quick assessment on whether my system is not good enough to run X plane 11 at a decent standard or not:

Windows 10, Intel Core i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20 Ghz, 16.0 GB RAM, 64 bit operating system, Nvidia Geforce GT640 graphics card.

I also have FSX stored on the same PC but I can't see how this would effect performance of X plane 11 when their not being ran simultaneously.


Any help would be much appreciated as always,

Thanks Dom

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Hi, I think your GPU is the weak point on your computer :

30fps is not that bad, as long as you don't go below 20.

Best regards,

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Xplane is a joke for FPS.

For me  30 FPS with i76700k and NVIDIA 1080.

GPU is 50% and CPU is 20% !!!!!

I have downclocked my cpu from 4.5 GHz to 3 GHZ and FPS stay at 30 FPS.

Same for the GPU, downclocked and still 30FPS.

Xplane don't use the CPU and GPU as well.

So it's not necessary to buy good hardware.

I hope it will change because Xplane is very good.
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I think Laminar Research recently hired 2 developers, just for resource optimisation. So we should see significant improvement in the coming months. I guess it's a very hard work though, so let's be patient :)
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Finaly it's a good news because running at 30 FPS on a simulator  with approx 50% cpu and gpu. It should be possible to increase the FPS.

On P3D (V1 V2 V3) and FSX CPU usage was 90-100 %. Now with P3D V4  64bits  FPS have increase to 30%.-50%.

I'd like to have the same with X-Plane.