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xplane 11 steam version   while at an airport  any traffic that taxis by is smoking heavily or floating through the air

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Hi, any screenshot of the floating planes? Have you installed the scenery of the area you want to fly?

The heavy smoke is something that Laminar Research changed recently. It is not a bug but I find it too heavy too.
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I have fixed the heavy smoke issue but still have floating planes, the smoke was fixed by amending the acf file of the aircraft
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How did you fix the smoke issue?  i have the same issue
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I fixed the issue by going into each xplane laminar act file did Cntrl-f and searched for exhaust_rat file. I then amended the file from 1.0 to 0.01. This worked however if you do n xplane update it will want to change the file back.

I found this out and now will change the acf again.

If you put 0.05 > you can still produce some smoke
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Did you get affix for this? I have the same problem in all the AI aircraft and all the scenery the planes aree floating