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System Specs:

  • Intel i5-7500 Quad core processor 3.4GHz with 3.8GHz TurboGHz
  • 16 Gigabytes of DDR-4 2133MHz RAM, Supports Up to 32GB
  • 1TB (1000 Gigabyte) 7200RPM SSHD Hybrid Hard Drive
  • Nvidia GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5
  • Triple Display
  • Windows 10


  • Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico Ortho Scenery
  • Squakbox

I have checked multiple forums and everything seems to be configured properly. I have already brought all the graphics settings all the way down and tested. The results: still choppy with frame rates skipping between 12fps and 60fps. I also maxed (and everything in between) out the graphics to test: still choppy 8fps - 25fps, but more consistent so the choppiness actually got a bit smoother or not as dramatic. Please Help!


Thank you


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Hi, can you just confirm you have disabled hyperthreading from Nvidia settings, that you have disabled Vsync and that you have checked that video?
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I've noticed that many people seem to be struggling over the last 2 months, with GTX 10 series.
Maybe you could file a bug report here, if the advice above doesn't work :
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I will probably have to do that as soon as I get time to isolate the issue. I have tried everything. Everything was running great and very smooth. I even went as far as to completely minimizing all graphics options to minimums. What creates the choppiness is the range of fps. At minimums - I get 26+- to 55+- fps but I believe that drop every few milliseconds causes it to stutter.

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Go to your X-Plane folder and place every file in the Preference folder except the Callibration one and Joystick settings in a different folder on your desktop, NOT in your XPlane folder. That should help to get alot of FPS, and also maybe try the Auto_LOD plugin. ___ You do need FlyWithLua for it too work: ->
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This DID work! Do you think a file was corrupt?

Thank you very much!