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Since I have a DVD version of x-plane 9 with the serial number, and I just got a Mac Book Pro with no DVD Reader, I downloaded the trial version of X-Plane 10 from your site and want to know if it could be possible to activate this copy.


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Hi, digital download and DVD sets are distinct products.

Moreover, each version  (9, 10 or 11) are also different products.

Indeed, I haven't found any way to buy X-plane 10 digital download from Laminar Research website, but I wouldn't see the point in buying X-plane 10 now. It would make you save maximum 10$, considering the current price of X-plane 9.

I would rather go for X-plane 11 digital download, but just be aware of the hardware recommendations :


PS : I am not affiliated with Laminar Research, but there are many related topics on this forum.
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Hi, I already downloaded X-plane 11 and is too heavy for my hardware

Following is the link to buy X-plane 10 from Laminar Research website
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I am confused now. Did you buy X-plane 11 or not?

If yes, did you try X-plane 10 demo to see if it runs better on your Mac Book Pro?
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Hi Jopilot,

Have a look at he following link at  You will need to scroll down (read) the page to find all of the answers.

Hope this helps.


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There is no upgrade to X-Plane 10 or 11.
You can buy X-Plane 10 Digital Download here or DVD here. You can also buy X-Plane 11 Digital Download here.