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apparently since update to pb11 every time I start x-plane I have to activate it again with my key. Actually it wants me to activate but very obviosly still knows my key because it is displayed in activation window and server accepts the key. But next start I have to reactivate once again and again and again and again......


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Could fix the issue myself (only) by completely new installation of x-plane after removing it's folder and beginning from scratch.

Neither Admin (which you also need to work with EFASS tool) nor uninstalling antivirus and firewall had helped to get it fixed. Now it seems ok again (crossing fingers).

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Didn't happen to me... did you try running sim as admin?... might work, and doesn't harm to test.
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I've the same problem. It was working all fine before, but I've purchased Xenviro and now Xplane 11 asks me for activation every time.

Any idea?



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Hi and same issue here after pb11 update.


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same ehre since 1 day ago, no admin solution.

Any fix or solution?