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Hi, i recenlty bought xplane 11 but i'm really annoyed with how my controller is managed.
Sensititivy is awful, especially when binding views settings on the right joystick (like in FSX). It moves too fast, whatever the settings you put in (from 0 to 100%), and deadzone is inexistant (i have to "cheat"  when calbirating my controller, moving the stick around its center while the game is auto checking for the best value - you know, when it says "don' t touch anything during 4 seconds..." -).

Do you plan to improve this ? FSX only had a simple "sensitivity" slider but it was pleasant to play with a controller. I often use my pad to relax, when i don't want to bring my joy + track ir but i've to say it's frustrating as it is.

Thank you.
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I also have this problem of very touchy sensitivity on the joystick controls of the Xbox 360. I tried everything that you have done. Just wondering if you could tell me what X plane 11 support told you.
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Nothing more specific than what i wrote. It was maybe kind of a generic answer, don't know...Perhaps you could also contact them to support that request. :)

[email protected]

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Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity sliders? More information is available in the manual.

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Sure i did. I also got an answer from X-Plane support :

"[...] We will look into it for a future free update."

So... Wait and see !