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I recently downloaded your iOS app X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator, and noticed a very tedious problem...

I loved the game so much that I actually bought the Bombardier CRJ-200. However, the controls are so wickedly sensitive that it's wholly impossible to fly the aircraft in any way whatsoever. Sitting still without the slightest movement of the iPad, the yoke is jiggling about- only spamming the autopilot functions somewhat keeps the plane in line straight and level. I can't hold turns without beginning to enter a crazy bank angle or turn the other way, and even large aircraft like the 777- which, being a heavier aircraft is less sensitive- very difficult to control.

As I sincerely hope I have not spent my money in vain, I was hoping if any iOS experts in this fine community has any idea how I could possibly negate this extremely tedious problem!

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Great question you should try to contact Laminar Research. They might give you an answer. 

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Sensitivity level on your iPad? What?

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