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I assign a custom view to one key of the NumPad.
I assign another custom view to another key of the NumPad.

Is it possible to edit somewhere a value so that when I go from one view to another it happens slowly (I would choose the time value) and not in one second as it is right now?

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Hi branislavmilic,

I am unsure how to solve your problem within X-Plane but have a look at the following link and promotional videos.  This may give you greater pleasure in what you want to do.  The link for the website is  https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/x-camera/  The product is called X-Camera.  It is free but if you register the product you are expected to make a monetary contribution (payware) on what you think the product is worth. 

I don't have any connection with the developer of the product.

Hope this helps


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Thank you for the reply.

I have X-Camera but setting up cameras is a tedious and complicated task especially with some planes.

I proposed them a feature request:
- step 1: we use XP's viewing features to set up a view
- step 2: in XC we save it as a camera by just clicking a button

As long as that is not possible in XC, I spend sometimes 15 minutes to set my cameras. You can't make that here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AjbWIY0DDA
easily: camera moves at 0:33 and 1:44 were challenging and took me 30 minutes each. If my idea was possible in XC, I could do it in 10 seconds.
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Hi Branislav,

Had a look at your referenced video.  Very nice production.

I haven't downloaded XC yet.  Obviously you are well conversant with the product and see some shortfalls.

Hope somebody can give you an alternative solution to your original question.

Good flying


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