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I've only just picked up XP11 and am still finding my way, so apologies if this is a simple thing!

I use EdTracker, via OpenTrack, and the TrackIR protocol, for head tracking - and it works really well.

However I can't seem to adjust my view 'up' - which means that landing is difficult as I loose sight of the runway, especially in the last stages of landing.

The normal 'up arrow' adjustment doesn't seem to work when using head-tracking.

Is there a way to move my viewpoint 'up'?

Many thanks.


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Using build 2.3.7 -> Options -> Camera

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I've had to fiddle about as my version of OpenTrack (2.3.rc9) doesn't have that neat menu...

...but going into mappings and setting 'Y' to be just a flat line just little above zero, and then into the settings and mapping Y to Y, has me sorted.

It'd be better if the height of my head (Y) could be link to the pitch of my head, but I can't see an easy way of doing that.

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I use Trackir too and I have the same problem with it disabling the arrow up key.

Adding the Y axis to trackir gives me movement up and down so I get higher in the cockpit but I turned it off as some times I tend to go out of the plane thru the top whenever I adjust my seating position.

Adjusting the movement of the Y axis in trackir would help but I can't be bothered fiddling with it.
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Hi - thanks for that.

Although I use the trackIR protocol, the EdTracker itself doesn't has 6 degrees of movement - only roll, pitch and yaw, and not 'translation'.

I'll see what I can do in OpenTrack to set the Y translation 'up'!