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Where and how I download planes for xplane11 with 2D views as you told me before that xplane 11 is capable to do that

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Hi all!
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Hi, your best chance is on (i think you even have search options for that), but most of them will be outdated or will not work very well on XP11, I would say.

It is true that the tendency is rather to go 3D cockpit only, as this is more immersive.

You might even consider adding a 2D cockpit yourself, with plane maker I think. This web site could help you figure out where to start, as well as youtube tutorial videos :

In my opinion, assigning views with CTRL-NUMPAD and using them with NUMPAD would be the best option, but I am not sure what you want to do exactly with 2D cockpits.

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Hi I know this is an old post but the above question is very valid to me. I have just purchased x plane 11 in 2019 but have been so frustrated with it and have not been able to do get it it to do what i want it to do.

yes 3D is good and the pop out panels are awesome, however only 2 gps will pop out.

I have a second monitor which I was hoping to populate with stuff I don't want to go looking for in 3D. In other words I don't want to move the camera view around the cockpit just to see flap position or gear position or any switches for that matter.

I was thinking a 2D panel would be good to set up those things and have them in view all the time.

Everybody says plane maker is easy and the way to do it, not true. it seems if the plane doesn't have 2D then it cant be done, and  x plane 11 do not have 2D anymore.

If you guys just want 3D,  will at least give us more pop out panels so we can set up the second monitor accordingly. Things to include would be nice Flaps, gear, trim,throttles,autopilot, pressurisation, coms, switches, the list can go on.

In the mean time I will have to go back to FSX

Regards Michpenz