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AMD A10 at 4.2GHz, RX470, 16G RAM.

Is there a reason that the demo only runs at 30fps?

I have VSYNC off.

I can only get as high as 30fps at 1080p/high, 1440/high, 4K/med.

I only get 30fps even at 1080p/low.

The framerate goes to 24fps at 4K/high.

The games I play, mainly Space Sims, I get around 100fps on 1080p/high.

What gives?

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There is no "frame rate cap" in X-Plane. In general, your fps will be limited by _either_ the GPU or CPU. We recommend aiming for 30 fps as a way to maximize rendering and graphics while also not impacting the flight model negatively. 

I'm not sure why you would not see an improvement at lower rendering settings. If you're interested in going about it in a more methodical manner, check out the instructions here.