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running on intel i7-3770 cpu @3.40GHz 24 Gig memory, with a AMD Radeon R9 200 series (3 Gig memory).  Using CH Virtual Pilot w/pedals.  Benchmark is at 47-49 fps using Heaven Benchmark 4.0  X-plane tells me my frame rate is too low (shows at about 12 +/- 2); however, no screen tearing, no stopping or jerking, sim runs smoothly on 3 screens all hooked to the AMD graphics card.  The settings for X-plane are mid level settings.  I tried low settings across the board and had no change in performance, no significant change in reported frame rate, but a change in scenery of course.  So far I just leave the settings at median levels and fly, but the error message telling me I am in failure and an idiot (implied) is mildly annoying.  Also I fear at some point the sim will have degraded performance when the equipment should readily handle the sim.

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I would add that considering your specs, it's surprising you only get 12 fps.
Keep in mind that X-Plane is still being optimised for AMD GPUs, but in the meanwhile, you should try and delete ...X-Plane 11/Output/Preferences folder.
You will lose all your settings, but it often triggers good fps improvements.

If that does not help, you should include your .../X-Plane 11/log.txt file.


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