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I am running X-plane on a Maxbook pro which have worked good so far.

However after the patch to X-plane 11.10 (Steam) the frame rate dropper below what is ok.

I had consistent 20 fps before but now I am at the highest at 14.

I have tried lowering everything on the settings page (number of objects and texture-quality) but it does not make much difference, just adding 2-4 frames at most which could to indicate that the frame rate problem lies somewhere else.  This macbook pro is using a AMD Radeon R9 M370X. I have also tried restarting and removing the output/preferences folder. Once I temporary recieved higher frame rates (40ish) at an airport but when restarting X-plane the frame rate  dropped once more, might have been a glitch but I had a similar problem in X-Plane 11.05 when I sometimes had to restart a few times to get acceptable frame rates with some payware aircraft and scenery. I have been unable to replicate this at this time.

Any suggestions would be helpful. 


I really like X-plane so I hope there is something to be done :-)

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Deleting ../X-plane 11/Output/Preferences folder often proves to be efficient in such a situation.

You will lose all your settings though..


PS : you can check that page too, full of interesting tips :
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Thanks for the suggestion. I had already deleted the folder once (did not help) but I tried once more to delete the /Output/Preferences folder and this time the frame rate went back up to 42ish at the airport I used (ESMX). I started with the built in Baron B52 and then the built in Cessna 172SP and that worked. Still very low frame rates compared to before when using Airfoillabs Cessna172SP with the X-Aviation Custer airport. However, at least the stuff is runnable in most configurations right now.

I will try some different configurations later and see what triggers the low frame rate (which was persistent even if I switched  aircraft as above).



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I have a similar problem.  Have just opened X-Plane 11 which has been upgraded to 11.10.  Went on my first flight and received message that my rendering options are set too high. etc.       Everything was working absolutely fine up until this update  I run Windows 10..    

I have tried following all the instructions re getting the correct frame rate but it only reads between 6 and the highest and  I'm unable to get smooth flights as I did before.  The settings are on medium and even if I reduce them further it makes no difference to the frame rate.

I'm not too computer savvy and wonder where you find the Output/Preferences folder to delete as you suggested.    I would attach the log.txt file if I could see how to insert it!

It is very disappointing this has happened as I was getting great joy in using X-Plane 11

Any help would be much appreciated

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The first step is to find the X-Plane 11 root folder.

If you have that open in the finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows) the root folder contains the Output folder.

To find the root folder:

If you have the Steam version of X-Plane 11 start steam and right click the x-plane 11 row. Select properties and local files. The topmost button should allow you to open the x-plane 11 root folder.

If you run  a separately installed client it might be installed on the desktop. Look for it there.

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Thanks for information.  I found the folder and tried removing the Output/Preference folder but it just went to a flight sim demo and still got 'rendering options are too high' message.. Restored files.  Example flight of Cessna at Exeter Airport (EGTE) on grass parking registered 4.710 fps!!
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Hi Patrik,

I am not with Laminar Research ;just a flight simmer using the official Laminar Research version of X-Plane.

I would suggest you seek a solution to your problem on the steam forums.

This forum is for the genuine Laminar Research X-Plane product.  Steam is a hybrid version created by a 3rd party organisation taking a commercial advantage of the development work by Laminar Research in creating X-Plane.

There is no commercial link between Laminar Research and Steam in selling the hybrid version.
By the way if your have recently upgraded your Mac operating system to High Sierra (?) you will need to contact Mac as to when they intend to fix  a problem which became evident for other Mac users after X-Plane 11 was released.  Refer to earlier questions asked by Mac users in this forum.

Good luck in finding a solution to your problem(s)

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Thanks for the suggestion regarding Mac. However the Mac was upgraded before I patched x-plane so the problem was caused by the patch not the Mac upgrade.

I frankly find your other comments about the Steam version a bit confrontational. Why should I not buy the Steam version?

  • The "buy it page" from Laminar Research suggest Steam as one way of buying X-Plane, Since they themselves suggest that as an viable method, It surely is an acceptable method of getting x-plane11.
  • the Steam version link to the x-plane main page where I posted my question. I assume Laminar is supplying their links to the steam platform.
  • The Steam version specifies Laminar Reserarch as publisher and developer..
  • The commercial advantage you mentions is that Steam acts like  a middleman by taking a commissioning fee. That is like any other simular marketplace.

Best regards