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I downloaded and installed (payware) Robinson Helicopter and it is sliding back and forth across the runway.  I haven't even started the engine yet.  slides about 10 feet horizontal, then back again.  Over and over.  Seems like there is not enough friction on the skids.  Also it drops my frame rates considerably.  All other aircraft and stock helicopter work without any issues.  I normally have the graphics settings to the max, and no issues.  If I use my robinson that I paid for, even with the graphics setting on the lowest, it drops the frame rates to really low and the heli slides around.

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Hi, the phenomenon that is happening is described here :


You can work on 2 things to solve this :

You can set the graphic settings down. This link will probably give you a lot of interesting information :


And/or you can increase the number of "flight models per frame" (in Settings, General). More explanations on that parameter here :


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Guillaume AMELINE
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Hello all, waiting for physics coding of friction in X-Plane i wrote a lua script which fixes a little bit this amazing curling effect

Daniel aka diaboloxpfr