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While in settings, Default monitor is set to Instructor. First Monitor is unused.

When selecting Monitor 1, system crashes.
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Sorry, here is some additional information:

  • Processer 5600 series 6 cores
  • 24GB Ram
  • Two NVIDIA Quadro 4000 Graphic cards using DVI to monitors.
  • NVIDIA Tesla C2075 GPGPU
  •  I am using one card for the Instructor View and the other card for the instrumentation view.
  •  In XP settings,   as soon as I select the second monitor I get the crash.
  • I will sent log file.
  • This is a Demo version with no add-ons.

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I could not reproduce this on my machine. Please remove all plugins to see if it helps. Fill in and send the automatic crash report if it comes up. For any additional help, attach a log.txt and try to narrow down or be more specific about what other steps you take before you see this crash.